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25 Year Warranty

Sakertown has been manufacturing cedar shingle panels for nearly 60 years. And just recently we’ve decided to increase our warranty period. It’s no guess work, like many of today’s pressed, recycled, composite, plastic, new products that put whimsical warranties on unproven products. We know what works, and we’ll keep doing it for another 60 years.

See the complete Shakertown 25 Year Warranty.

December 2012

Shakertown Craftsman 7" panel is complete with Rain Screen

Rain Screen has been an industry buzz word for several years, following moisture issues in large condominiums, as well as single-family homes. Many of these moisture issues are created by improper flashing details (see tech bulletin 1005). The concept of rain screen is to create a vertical flow for moisture and air between the siding and building paper. The Craftsman 7" panel has a unique slot at the top edge of the back of the siding. This allows for vertical flow, as well as the horizontal spacing behind the panels. The product had an amazing 98% efficiency rating when tested to ASTM E2273.

June 2008