Cedar Cove - mixed grain cedar shingles Cedar Cove
Cedar Cove - mixed grain cedar shingles

Shakertown's Cedar Cove® shingle panels are crafted by bonding Western Red Cedar mixed grain shingles to exterior grade plywood, creating 8-foot self-aligning panels. The siding is coated on all sides with an oil primer to protect from the elements, and is ready for top coat paing. Cedar Cove shingle panels install 10-times faster than individual shingles, providing authentic cedar shingle coverage in less time, with less labor and waste. It's perfect for cabins, beach houses, or homes where a solid finish is desired.

  • Mixed grain economy panel
  • Oil primer on all sides, ready for latex top coat
  • Smooth sawn surface takes finishes better and evenly
  • Available in 5" exposure with traditional keyway joint and even butt line
  • For exterior and interior use

If you have any questions regarding our Cedar Cove shingle panels, contact us today.

Cedar Cove - mixed grain cedar shingles