Here's a snapshot of stunning homes wrapped with care from Shakertown. Click on one of the below houses to see a full range of up-close and full-view images to help give you a view of how unique and beautiful Shakertown Cedar Siding can make a home.

• Product: Dolly Varden (1x6 MicroV)
• Location: Pebble Beach, CA

• Product: Shakertown Tahoe Shingle Panel
• Profile: 7" exposure, even butt
• Architect: McAlpine Tankersley
• Photo: Emily Followill

• Product: Shakertown Craftsman Shingle Panel
• Profile: alternating 7" and 4.5" exposure, keyway even-butt
• Builder: Loverde Builders

• Product: Shakertown Tahoe Shingle Panel (Pasadena Green)
• Profile: 7" exposure, even-butt
• Builder: K&W Builders, Lafayette, CA